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Lá Féile Vailintín / St. Valentine's day

With the remains of St. Valentine reportedly resting in the heart of Dublin, what better way to express your grá on St. Valentine's day than through the beautiful language of Irish? 

My sustainably made sweatshirts, hand embroidered with words of love in Irish, are the perfect unique and eco-friendly way to say 'I love you' this Valentine's day.

According to legend, the Italian Valentine was executed in 269 AD for presiding over illegal marriages and was buried in Rome. In 1835, as a gift to Irish Carmelite Fr. John Spratt, Pope Gregory XVI had the remains of Valentine placed in a reliquary and brought to Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin. Bringing the patron saint of love to his final resting place in Ireland.

So, how do you show your significant other how much they mean to you as Gaeilge? These are some of the phrases I've embroidered for my loved-up customers over the past year:

Grá geal : literally translating as 'bright love', this is a beautiful Irish version of 'sweetheart'

Grá : love

Tá tú go hálainn: you're beautiful

Croí agus anam : heart and soul

Mo chuisle, mo chroí : my pulse, my heart

Mo stóir : my darling


Of course, you can choose your own words for a really unique and special gift. If you have an idea, please get in touch! I'd love to help spread some romance!


Lá féile Vailintín faoi mhaoise daoibhse,


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